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The 'Reach n Wash' System

Also known as water-fed pole system, this window cleaning method is designed to offer a high standard of cleaning. Having the ability to reach up to 60ft high makes most domestic properties window's accessible!

Using pure water means no marks, no smears, no streaks.

We monitor the water purity constantly and keep it to a purity level of between 0-5 ppm (parts per million) compared with what comes out your tap at a level of 300-400ppm in some areas. We feel this offers a superior window clean with consistent regular results whatever the weather!

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No marks, no smears, no streaks.

Keep solar panels operating at their highest efficiency.

Solar Panels

With studies showing that the efficiency of solar panels being effected by the amount of dirt and dust on the glass of each solar panel The Energy Saving Trust recommend keeping your Solar Panels clean. Using the 'Reach n Wash' system to keep the solar panels operating at their highest efficiency is the most consumer friendly option, due to the position and general awkwardness of Solar Panels. Happily CleanVisionTechnology offer specialist cleaning services for your Solar Panels to keep you receiving the full benefits of your Array.

Jet Washing

With a further desire to enhance the look of our clients properties Clean Vision Technology is proud to offer proffesional pressure washing.

We offer a complete service, from preparation of your property for cleaning to re-sanding your block paving after cleaning, leaving your property looking smart and clean.

With no job too small or big and prices starting from £1 square meter, call today and we will arrange for a free, no obligation quotation.

Our Pressure Washing service is quick, proffesional and leaves a beautiful finish.

Working safely for your benefit

Working Safely

Working safely is part of Clean Vision Technology's main concerns.

We aim not only to provide an amazing cleaning service, but ensure that our team is fully aware of keeping the client and public safe while we are on your property.

We therefore drew up Health & Safety documentation that guides all the work we do.

Fully Insured.

Please don't hesitate to ask for further information regarding our insurances or Health & Saftey policies.

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